Sabota is a display font, created for bold graphic pieces with just enough chaos to keep things interesting.

The font actually began as "Jupiter," a simple set of numbers for a custom watch face project that would use a layered version of the font to tell time in a minimal, elegant design.

From the simple numbers and AM/PM, the font grew into an optentype standard character set with the full alphabet, punctuation, math operators, and diacritical marks.

Print specimen of Sabota & Outline

Print specimen of Sabota & Outline

Sabota is a geometrically-founded monospace font, influenced by vintage lettering, and the weight and color of old theater marquees. It works best in short bursts or heavily stylized lines of type, and it's extremely receptive to bold treatments like layering, geometric overlays, and more.

Features like crossbars with varying heights, sharp left-leading arms, and round punctuation give Sabota its rhythm and solidify each word and sentence, leading the reader smoothly through your text.

Sabota also comes in an inline variant, for quick and easy layering.

Both the regular and inline variants are available from YouWorkForThem for $15 each.



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