Reader is a semi-condensed sans serif designed with broadcast in mind. The single-weight typeface was completed as part of a Type @ Cooper class instructed by Hoeffler's Troy Leinster.

The concept behind Reader was to create a typeface suitable for title case news headlines on broadcast news, steering away from the tendency to set headlines in alarming all-caps while maintaining readability and encouraging attentiveness.

The slightly squared exteriors of round characters mixes with the more strictly ovular inner counters to convey a mixture of approachability and formality that could convey serious information in an informative but non-threatening way.

During the course, I took the chance to work through some revisions live on Twitch and YouTube, inviting viewer feedback and participation.

Working through edits and revisions on stream

Reader is not available for use yet, but I look forward to continued exploration with the typeface, building out special characters and punctuation to round it out.



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